Social gaming websites

social gaming websites

Gamers are a sociable bunch and gaming social networks are proof of Compared to Raptr above, Playfire's website doesn't have the same. Casino veteran MGM Resorts International is working on launching a social gaming website in order to grab share of the growing social. With over million people registered on Facebook, the most popular social networking site, and millions, millions more on similar sites like. social gaming websites


Duxter (The First Social Network Gaming Website) Playfire — a social networking application designed entirely for video gamers. Which of these social networks would you most expect to hear about a new game on? With thousands of available games in the database and a robust platform, Gamurs has set itself up as a top gaming social network. But those cases are not the norm. Not profitable as major businesses. Business 7 Skrill wire transfer Website to Buy and Sell Bitcoins 24 hours ago. Keep up with friends, upload photos, manage your online gaming life, and support your favorite teams with this social gaming network for the PC gamer.

Social gaming websites - comes

The focus on video footage and screenshots is unique to WeGame, and users get to rate individual videos vying for top spots on the main page. Raptr automatically keeps up with your activity from that game. They're called hardcore or casual based on gameplay. There are plenty of gaming sites out there to help you find new friends and boost your gaming experience. You can pick out your own soundtrack and add in some funny sound effects to create a pretty funny little video. Image via Flickr by TORLEY.


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